Benefits of Acupuncture


Scientists are not entirely sure how acupuncture works.  It is theorized that acupuncture stimulates the nervous and immune system and lowers blood pressure, calms the mind reducing stress, reduces nausea, night sweats, insomnia, and joint pain.  I went to a medical doctor who also practices Eastern medicine for my acupuncture.  Acupuncture is done with very tiny needles (they do not hurt).  They are placed in different locations of the body depending on the  issue you are addressing.  My doctor encouraged positive visualization while I was reclining in a comfortable, darkened room with aromatherapy and soft music playing.  The sessions lasted 20 minutes to a half an hour.

I never experienced one minute of nausea during chemo.  In fact, due to the steroids that are necessary during chemo treatment, I gained thirty pounds during the six months of treatment.  I hadn’t had that type of appetite since I was pregnant.  Sometimes, the only time I felt well was while I was eating!


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