Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, but for survivors being aware of breast cancer is a daily experience. Since I have written this blog I have become involved with an amazing community of women on-line. Every website or blog has something different to offer. But, what they all have in common is to provide an outlet for survivors to share their stories, their fears, and their courage. When I first started this blog I stated that I was not fond of the word “survivor” and I suggested that I didn’t want cancer to define me. But, through my blog, all my new connections, and a cancer forum in which I participate, I have gained many new insights. I said that I did not want survivor to be my identity; I did not want cancer to define me. But, I have realized that the two are very different. I still don’t want cancer to define me, although it has definitely changed me. But, I have a new respect for the term “survivor” and I am proud to identify with all survivors everywhere.


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