Holiday Emotions

The holidays are a wonderful but stressful time for all, but dealing with a cancer diagnosis and/or treatment during the holiday season is an emotional roller coaster ride. I know how difficult it is to be diagnosed and facing many unknowns during the holidays. I was diagnosed in late October and had two surgeries just prior to Thanksgiving. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was receiving pathology reports, making plans for port placement and chemotherapy to start right after the New Year. Thinking back, the time seemed surreal. I felt like two “people:” one feeling the peace and joy of the season, the other terrified with what was to come. All you can do, is the best you can do. Sounds simple, but harder to actually put into action. The ebb and flow of emotions will feel like a roller coaster ride. Feel the joy when you can surrounded by family and/or friends, be thankful for what blessings you do have, and allow yourself to feel the grief for what you are experiencing when you feel the need. Conserve your energy, particularly if you are in treatment. Try to balance your life with “mini-vacations” of personal quiet time, meditation, prayer, or deep relaxation. Announce to your family that you are taking a ten minute “time-out.” Close your door and listen to soothing music. Try not to ruminate or make lists in your head of what needs to be done. This is a time just to “be,” not to be doing. Blessings and Peace to you all during this Holiday Season.


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