I posted in the beginning of January that I was going to do the Creating Abundance 21-Day Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra/The Chopra Meditation Center. I haven’t posted about it up until now because it is truly a journey and it is hard to put into words the effect of these meditations. In addition, a coincidence happened during the twenty-one day experience (there is a saying that there are no coincidences, just God acting anonymously) that has enriched an already enriching and enlightening experience. I came across a book that I had purchased years ago, but never really got into very far. It is called Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It was copyrighted in 1995. I would say that God/Higher Power/the Universe…any source in which you wish to believe brought me together at this time with these two different but complementary resources.
I am still very much in the journey of both. I have not completed the 21 day challenge and I have not finished reading the book, but both are helping me to grow mindfully and spiritually. I am absorbing them both slowly and have repeated the first and second disc in the Creating Abundance challenge twice. This is, I’m sure, not the recommended way to do the “challenge,” but it is working for me and helping my growth.
Let me begin by explaining that “abundance” in both the CD series and the daybook does not (necessarily) mean material possessions. Deepak Chopra explains true abundance as anything you expect and intend it to be: limitless love, optimum health, increased wealth, etc. When we experience true abundance our needs are met and our desires are fulfilled: joy, health, happiness, a sense of purpose and vitality. We experience an overflowing fullness that infuses every facet of our lives. Abundance comes from within, it has unlimited potential; it is an infinite source, there is no lack, no scarcity. Our consciousness and our minds affect its flow. It requires thought/attention/intention and expectation. We just need to be open to what is already there within us: for example, abundance is the recognition and enjoyment of a vibrant field of wild flowers, the majesty of a mountain range, the unbounded joy of a child, beautiful sunlight, friends and family. I cannot do justice to the experience with words on a page. The knowledge is gained through Deepak Chopra’s soothing and spiritual words, soothing music and meditations with daily centering thoughts and mantras. If you are unfamiliar with a mantra (Sanskrit) means an utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power. I will give you an example of the first five days. Day one the centering thought as you are guided into meditation is “Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.” The mantra is in Sanskrit and no English translation is given. Day two the centering thought is “I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.” The mantra’s translation is “the core of my being is the ultimate reality.” Day three, “Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.” The mantra translation is “existence, consciousness, bliss.” Day four the centering thought is “From this moment forward I invite unlimited abundance into my life.” The mantra translation is “the core of my being is the ultimate reality.” Day five, “Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream.” Again the mantra translation is “existence, consciousness, bliss.” I cannot do it justice in words alone and I apologize to Deepak Chopra if I have in any way distorted his work. I can only tell you that some pretty amazing changes have occurred within me. I have absorbed and internalized through the meditations that everything that I need is already within me, that truly “the core of my being is the ultimate reality”. Let me give you an example, and by the way, I did not give this particular issue thought, attention, intention, or expectation but my core absorbed. I have always been claustrophobic since I was a child from a childhood experience. Elevators have been very difficult for me. I remember in college walking up eleven floors with a heavy book pack to the library instead of using the elevators. I did use them if I had absolutely no alternative, but with great trepidation. After meditating and embracing “true abundance,” I can use elevators without a problem. The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize it at first and then I heard my inner voice saying “everything I need is already within me.” What I’ve been inviting into my life among optimum health, joy of family, etc. is also courage and strength. I have opened my heart to “true abundance” and it is growing. We are also asked through “true abundance” to embrace this concept and share with the world. I have much more to learn and take within, but I wanted to share my journey to this point.
In conjunction and in synchronicity I am growing while reading Simple Abundance. I also have not completed the book; I am taking it slowly and incorporating. An example of a line in the beginning of the book is “Today I want you to be aware that you already possess all the inner wisdom, strength, and creativity needed to make your dreams come true.” Sound familiar? I have begun three of the practices recommended by Sarah Ban Breathnach: a daily gratitude journal (five things each day); they need not be momentous. Small utterances of gratitude for what you have, see, or experience: a quiet moment with a favorite cup of tea, finishing a book that you enjoy, hearing church bells in the distance also combined with larger issues of gratitude such as health, children, grandchildren, your home. You get the “picture.” I also came to realize that I need to be thankful for things about which before I was unsatisfied. Instead of lamenting over something less than I desire, I am now writing that I am thankful for having it at all. When you live with an essence of gratitude your attitude changes. It really works. I also have begun an Illustrated Discovery Journal. “This is your explorer’s log as you begin to make your way into your authentic inner world.” The author suggests that we purchase a black-bound artist’s sketch book and as we look through magazines, etc. look for pictures, quotes, art postcards, anything that is an image of something you love, desire, something that speaks to your soul. Don’t try to arrange in any particular way;it will give you direction about where your heart wants to go.
I will finish up today with a meditation from the book. Its purpose is to help us get in touch with our authentic self while validating who we are: “Today, find a few minutes to get quiet and journey within. Close your eyes. Visualize a beautiful, large golden mirror surrounded by shimmering white light. This light is Love and it surround you, enfolds you, enwraps you, and protects you as you look into the mirror. See the reflection of an extraordinary woman. She is beautiful and radiant. She possesses a strong, healthy, vibrant aura. Her eyes are sparkling and she is smiling warmly at you. Do you know who this woman is? You feel as if you have known her all your life. And you have. She is your authentic self. Spend a few moments with her now. She is waiting to help you find your way as you make the journey of self-discovery.” Sarah tells us “the woman in the golden mirror is the highest reflection of your soul, the embodiment of the perfect woman who resides within and she sends you Love to light your path.” Blessings