Going Within

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe blog post from Breast Cancer Authority by Jean DiCarlo-Wagner, The Ultimate Journey In Life is Going Within, provided options on journeying within to find your truth (reblogged in my previous blog post).  But it also reminded me of an article I read from the Chopra Center by Bhava Ram. The article is called 8 Steps Into Health, Healing, and Higher Consciousness.  As in the Breast Cancer Authority<em blog it reminds us that “healing” does not always mean physical healing. Spiritual healing is  important in finding inner peace, especially when difficult life-changing decisions need to be made.  Going within can be a formal practice or it can be communing with Mother Nature, it can be prayer, or a combination of all of the above.  It is a very personal decision how one journeys inside to find their  truth.
Bhava Ram explains the 8 Steps to Higher Consciousness

1. Close your Eyes: This simple act is a transition from externalized to internal awareness. Notice what it feels like inside of you.

2. Connect With Your Breath: Breathe more deeply and fully as you cultivate a sense of awe at the miracle of your breath. See every in-breath as an empowerment and affirmation, every out-breath as a healing release.

3. Feel Your Body: Experience your body as the temple of your spirit, a sacred vessel always seeking to support you. Send your breath to all the outer edges, and flood all the inner space of you.

4. Notice Mother Earth: Notice how Mother Earth fully supports you as you sit in this meditation. Feel her in every cell of your body. Have profound gratitude for all the abundance she brings into your life.

5. Still Your Mind: Begin to silently chant the mantra I Am. This is like a yoga pose for the busy mind.  Allow it to still the turbid waters of your thoughts.  I Am.

6. Enter Your Heart: Visualize your awareness flowing down from the mind to your heart center, as if there is a golden flame there that illuminates you. Breath into that light, feeling more radiant in every breath.

7. Be Fully Present: Slip fully into the present moment: In your body, in your breath, in the palms of Mother Earth, in the light of your heart. I Am.

8. Remember Who You Are: Remember that you are fully connected, indigenous wherever you go, and that you always have been…and always will be…one with all that is. I Am.

Go to this place of inner awareness whenever you feel the need. Ask your deeper self for guidance in facing challenges and making decision. Listen to your inner “guru” as you own your power and live your truth. I Am.

Thank you Bhava Ram and the Chopra Center for this wisdom.

Ms. DiCarlo-Wagner’s mother had an innate sense of what she needed to “go within” and find her truth. She was happy to sit in her easy chair focusing on her flowers and the hummingbirds. In this way, she was able to journey within. Meditating does not always have to be a formal process. As Ms. DiCarlo-Wagner’s blog entry tells us, sitting in front of a beloved part of Mother Nature, focusing on the beautiful abundance provided by Mother Earth, helps to bring a peace that enables many to “go inside” and become aware of what living one’s truth means to them. When I was faced with my second breast surgery in the same month I went outside and sat looking out at a tributary of water that ran along my backyard. It was teeming with life in all forms, both in the water and in the reeds, even in the muddy banks that lined the shore. I breathed deeply and “went inside” to find my inner peace. I meditated with Mother Nature and I prayed, and although I was still afraid, I was less anxious and more at peace with what the future would bring. I Am now and always will be “one with all that is.” Blessings


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